After a tooth extraction how long should I stay without smoking?

After a tooth extraction how long should I stay without smoking?

Guys if you're gonna say forever or anything like that, please don't answer
I already know smoking is bad, you're not really helping
stop saying forever, rest of your life and things like that
it's not that easy and that's not what I'm asking for


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  • 2 to 3 days is what I was told when I had my wisdom teeth removed but that was surgery so it might be different


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  • Did the smoking have anything to do with the tooth extraction? If so, I'd suggest refraining from smoking for the next 997.6 years.

    • had nothing to do with the extraction

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    • had an accident so it broke and had to extract it

    • I'd still advise against smoking. But if you want to, ask your dentist. They'll know better then I do.

  • You do realize that smoking is the reason you are getting your tooth extracted right?

    • umm no Its cause I broke my tooth not cause of smoking

    • Broken teeth at your age is not normal. Smoking also weakens bones and teeth. Hence back to your smoking habits.

    • it was an accident

  • For ever?

  • Until you dentist tells you. Dry socket sucks a lot.

    • I know it sucks but my dentist is my friend and he refuses to tell me so that I quit

    • If it's a larger tooth like a wisdom you have to make sure the blood clot that formed stays for a while until the healing process starts. At least 10 days probably, and keep taking the antibiotics. The pain of dry socket and the treatment for it is NOT worth the cigarette.

  • The rest of your life

  • 24 hours for wisdom tooth. 5 or 6 house for regular tooth. I've had both and thats what I was instructed.

    • and if I smoked after 24 hours, there won't be any problems?

    • Wasn't for me. Thats all I can say. Drag very lightly though

    • I got dry socket from an extracted wisdom tooth even after a week when I smoked.

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