Been with my boyfriend/ sons father for 4years. And his friend got my number. We text everyday. And im starting to like him an he likes me to?

I've been dating my boyfriend off an on for four long years we currently have a 2year old son together. We hang out with his friends often but one of them got my number off of facebook and we started talking on a dailey basis. We even argued, deleted eachother off of Facebook re-added started talking again
Actually we did that a few times I do know its wrong and all. But i am finding this guy to always put a smile on my face when im sad? We both like the same music, same trucks and also the same food? Then when me see eachother the eye contact is intimidating. He smiles at me like crazy aswell. I just dont know what too do though can anyone help me with suggestions?


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  • I am not one to make assumptions but by the way you worded this post it seems like you should really stay away from the facebook guy and stick with your boyfriend considering you guys have a two year old son. The kid should be the most important thing in your life right now and to have a shitty guy from facebook ruin his chance at having a legitimate father figure would devastate you in the long-term.


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  • Well unless you intend on leaving your boyfriend... . You cut this guy out. Did you already overstep? yes. But now is when you cut ties. You choose your boyfriend. You obviously are developing feelings and that won't go away if you keep him in your life, nor is it respectful to your boyfriend.

    You say I'm sorry, but this isn't right. I love my boyfriend and my family and talking to you like this is disrespectful, we shouldn't talk or hang out by ourselves again.


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  • Poor two year old

  • You run the risk of your kid growing not to like you if you end up with one of his fathers friends. Your gonna owe a big explanation when the kid grows up.


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