Why do some people judge other people for doing what they just was doing or used to do themselves?

Like this girl is on her whole "anti drinking" rampage now and how not cool it is and how you don't need to drink to have fun and blah blah blah, but just the other day she was doing the same things. I get that people change and start to look differently at things in life but she acts as if she never drank before and wasn't just drinking. Now it's the worst thing in the world to her. I just think it's that nobody never wants to hangout with her now she's just bitter. Why do people do that? It's really annoying


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  • You can do whatever you want, then people also could say whatever they want.

  • There's an old saying: "There's nothing worse than a reformed whore." Same applies to former smokers, drinkers, whatever.


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