Girls - what would go through your head if a guy was being extremely nice to you all the time and treats you differently to other girls?

Would you take advantage? This girl hasn't but im just wondering what goes through a girls mind. Its natural and its never forced.


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  • hey, straight off i would be thinking he likes me... and if its been going on a while and im being friendly back why hasn't he made more of a move towards progressing things. more to consider what do really feel on an energy level when you are interacting with her and how does she act around you? im unsure why your question appeared a negative by suggesting taking advantage? perhaps thats just me, if a girl was the type to enjoy the ride and abuse his kindness i would say she would go for this behaviour pretty much straight off like a player. you may not have even considered this romantic vision, it sounds to me like what is happening between the two suggested is a beautiful old fashioned courtship evolving naturally which i hope its a real situation we are talking about because its rare and special and untainted by the false world around us all, like a little universal bubble of energies mixing it up and if you just keep letting it grow with a hint of progress i bet this has amazing potential and i also bet the two feel this and thats part of the caution... xx or i could just be a believer lol ;) xx

    • Wow. Wow haha We have been getting to know each other for sure so it has felt like that at times about the old fashioned courtship but i dont know if thats just me.

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    • ah lol you got kinda scared then i reckon, you may be so very comfortable with pace my friend but do consider she is not you and has the potential to not really understand the depth of your feelings towards her and if she is feeling it strongly too, a person may withdraw because they dont want to get hurt by rejection. ok i accept i was maybe a bit too full on with the romantic drama lol but honestly i think you at least need to express verbally somehow your interest in evolving this connection to see where it may go thats all im saying, she seems to have played the first card by asking about your love life... this is classic routine... your move is to play your hand now... even if you wouldn't dare ask her in reality, what would you ask her or say to her? xx

    • yeah i dont know when im next going to see her but what you described yesterday is how i feel about the whole getting to know each other. the way she smiles at me sometimes should have made me do something but I've been holding back. my lack of confidence could screw me over and there is an ex on the scene so its not as straight forward as it sounds. i just never understood why my love life was important to her

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  • I'd think the guy liked the girl, and or had some sort of interest. Maybe the girl hasn't taken any interest, because she is nervous/scared. Maybe she is modest.

    • I've seen some signals that she might be interested. Im just wondering if she knows i like her and im being too nice?

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  • Nope your a push over there is no "chase" for her your to easy. But you will make a lovely guy freind for her to use. Women want a chase just like the guys do. She needs some danger that you might not be for her. If you just give yourself to her she will just make you her freind. Why give the puppy the steak when her dream guy is waiting for her?

    • true. I wouldn't say im a pushover but im wondering if im too nice to her. I didn't really talk to her when i heard she needed help, didn't engage eye contact and just pretty much blanked her. I was pissed off at the time tbf. My main question is do you think she knows i like her? She gets quite nervous around me sometimes

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    • Well other than just being nice what are you doing? Are you being a gentleman, are you flirting with her, are you appropriately touching her? What are you doing to be really nice to her?

    • That is good she sounds interested. Sorry I'm kind of tired of saying like.