Embarrassing graduation stories?

. I dropped everything... my cap fell off while we were leaving. In turn I dropped my flower and pin. Of course leave it to me to make an ass out of myself.. a tomboy should never wear heels. I stood akwardly in silence because my teacher called my name to early. Anyone else make a fool of themselves?


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  • Not exactly embarrassing to me, but I came late on purpose because I didn't want to bother with some stupid ass show beforehand so I just rather slept in.

    Most people there were dressed classy while I came with shorts, shirt, backpack and earplugs. The parents pretty much gave me the looks "Oh god, I hope he wasn't in my sons class."

    Then we went in 4 people groups on a little stage to get our certificate and whatnot and naturally got applaused. So I lifted my hands and said "thank you, thank you, I will give autographs later"


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  • I hated my graduation day... 3 of my dresses either ripped or

    • The zip broke.
      my mum wouldn't go as my dad invited his girlfriend and he was screaming at me as he invited his dad knowing I didn't want him there since why should he be when he can't be arsed to know us any other time of the year... so he was crying.
      Then my car caught fire on the way home -.-

    • Wow I'm so sorry

    • :) couldn't be helped hun. But thank you


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  • I didn't bother going.


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  • Not too embarrassing but for a little while I was nervous that I was sitting in the wrong row but it turned out to be fine. The wind was blowing and so I had to hold on to my cap as I walked up to the stage. In the picture my cousin took I have one hand on my cap and my hair is messy but it's still cute!