Rash from smoking weed?

Last night I started to smoke, I smoked a bit and was chilling. I smoked a little more and smoked a small amount over the course of about an hour. Randomly when I was just about done my forearm developed a rash and was itching like crazy. I finished smoking and picked up, went and washed my arm with soap. After that it disappeared and stopped itching and went to bed. Everything is fine now this morning, I'm just worried I'm allergic to marijuana? I don't see how since I've been smoking everyday for almost a year and at times smoking more than once a day. Also it happened on my chest a few months ago after smoking and it never happened again. Could it just be a random coincidence? Maybe I touched something and I got the rash? Why would it disappear so quickly? In my head? And why would I just randomly get an allergy to it? I do think it was a new strain too.


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  • That has never happened to me when I smoked weed so maybe just don't touch it and wear gloves


What Guys Said 2

  • It's not happening all the time so I'd say maybe wash your hands after you pack the bowl or roll the joint.

    • Thanks! Cause it would seem like of it was the bud causing a reaction it would happen EVERY time.

  • How about you stop smoking weed.