Do you buy your phone off contract or with a contract?

  • Off contract
  • With contract
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  • Most contracts you pay off the price of the phone in 2 years. So if you use that phone any longer than 2 years with the same contract you are throwing money away. I purchased my iphone outright. Contracts are good for people who cannot afford a phone or for those who go through lots of phones. If you can afford to buy a phone at retail price and just pay a lower monthly bill, you will be better off after 2 years if you keep care of your phone.

    • That makes a lot of sense. Thank you! b

    • Sorry mistake. Thank you!

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  • With or off. Its all the same. Ethier you can afford the phone up front. Or the cost is divided throughout the duration of the contract

    • Really? So do you pay all at once?

    • Yea actually most of the times with a contract you'll save a couple of 100 dollars because the company absorbs a portion of the cost. I do both, depends

      If you want to keep a phone longer than 2 years, go with full price, if you want to change phones after 2 years probably go with contract then

    • Yeah, it depends on what you want to do. Thank you!

  • Off contract


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