Why did my date unfollow me on Instagram?

I don't like to make a big deal out of social media but I noticed that this girl I had my 3rd date with the other day just unfollowed me on Instagram.

Again its just social media, but it seems odd that it would happen all of a sudden especially when they would like a bunch of stuff you post the majority of the time.

What would cause this?


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  • I noticed you said you had sex. Maybe she got what she wanted.

    • Yeah but it's a tough situation because we have so much in common and get along great. She even talked about watching horror movies and shows together in the future and we're supposed to go to a festival this weekend. Like she asked me if there was still tix left and bought one then snapchatted me about how excited she was for it.

    • Well if insta is the only thing she unfollowed you from then stop sweating it until she stands you up this weekend

    • Yeah I know I over analyze shit. Most of its due to the fact that she just recently got out of a 5 year relationship and acted hot and cold for awhile.

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  • Have you talked to her since - How did conversation go?

    • I have not. Thought I'd give her some space. I'll hit her up tonight or tomorrow. This is why I hate mind games. Makes me feel like I'm always walking on eggshells


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  • Weird,... maybe she hit the wrong button or they are just removing social media from there life.. see how it plays out

    • Yeah it's just weird but yeah I'll see how it plays out.

  • I have no idea, I think its better to ask her, only she knows what's truly the reason

    • heyyy, can u text me pm?

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    • Thanks

    • i have followed you :)

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  • Not a good sign I guess...

    • Not that there's a correlation between this but we had sex our first time the other day, but do you think she might have thought I was bad at sex therefore is cutting off contact?

    • I don't know ask her maybe?

  • see the other accounts fb twitter..
    if she removed u on them also
    than get the hint

    • We're still friends on snapchat

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    • I'll pm you