What's the most friendly country in your opinion?

According to according to the results of HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey, New Zealand was the 1st friendliest country and Australia was the 2nd, African countries ranked the 3rd and Canada was ranked the 4th friendliest country.
What's the most friendly country in your opinion ?
what country you would choose and why?

  • 1. Ausralia
  • 2. Canada
  • 3. USA
  • 4. Portugal
  • 5. New Zealand
  • 6. Iceland
  • 7. other countries
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  • I've heard many people say it's Canada, so I'm gonna go for Canada.


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  • It depends a bit how you define "friendliness". If, by friendliness, you mean politeness, I would say Japan is probably going to be number one (or at least very high-ranking). If by friendliness you mean being welcoming and obliging, any poor country has good chances to become number one. People in poor countries tend to be much more hospitable than people in rich countries. For example I have never been invited to eat lunch at a random stranger's house in my country. These kind of things mainly happen in Africa or central Asia.
    Finally, if you define friendliness as being kind and trustworthy, Icelanders will probably win this contest. Iceland is insanely save (and I'm saying this as a Swiss person...) and most people are very trustworthy. I think this has to do with the fact that there are not many Icelandic people... it probably feels a bit like being one big family.

    • oh, you're right, Japanese are rally really polite, if you ask them an address, they would thank you for asking them, that's a bit weird but i like that.

    • I've a question, in your country if you run out of gas and stuck on the road, would anyone stop for you to help or donate you some gas?

    • Well that situation would be very rare because I live in a small country and you will always find a gas station close by (we don't have large, uninhabited areas such as huge forests or deserts etc.). But if you're in trouble because of something, people generally help you. Switzerland has a very strong samaritan tradition, so people are eager to help out in emergencies. At the same time, they also expect you to do the same if they are in need of help. I think the reason for this is similar to why Icelanders are so kind to each other. Switzerland has more people than Iceland but compared to its neighbors, it's still a tiny country ;-).

What Girls Said 4

  • I'd imagine Canada is just purely based on stereotypes

    • Most of those stereotypes are true

      True stereotypes:
      1. Friendly and welcoming
      2. Polite
      3. Apologize a lot
      4. Love beer
      5. Love hockey
      6. Love their country
      7. Love maple syrup
      8. Nice

      False stereotypes:
      1. They ride polar bears to work and school
      2. They live in igloos
      3. They say "eh" in every sentence
      4. They say "Aboot" (it's like Abeut)
      5. They have snow all year round

    • I never believed the false ones lol

  • From experience it a greeks, Spanish and lebanese

  • Georgia.
    If someone says other countries then they definitely have never visited Georgia.

  • I don't know about the other once, but I use to leave in Africa, and some of the people there are friendly. 😊


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