If Hitler attacked Turkey?

If Hitler were to attack Turkey from the read end, would Greece help?

You people are so dumb. You don't get it, do you?


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  • Greece were under Turkish invasion for over 400 years. Even Hitler invaded Greece in WWII. Turkey invaded half of Cyprus and founded North Cyprus Turkish Republic. so i assume Greek hate Turks and German. Today Turkish army is strong enough to invade Greece. It is the strongest power of Middle east and 8th in the world. But today Turkey and Greece are NATO members i dont think there will be war between them. They are ally and. Yes Greece would like to help Germany in that time. But Hitler invaded Greece beause it was easy.

    • was* hey girl war is something bad. Don't forget this. i hope there will no more wars. I want all people to be happy :)

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    • I'm just stating the facts , but you don't want to accept the facts. How can i ask an American general which Air Force is better? They wouldn't care me :D. It's not true. Greek Air Force is not better. It is impossible. Turks have number and tech superiorty , but you still say that Greek pilots are far better. It's not true. What do you think will happen in a War between Turkey and Greece? In a serious war milions of Greek would die which is bad for you ! Turkey has an enormous land forces and their available man power is over 40 millionn the army has 4000+ active 1500-2000 reserve tanks , 8000+ active armored fighting vehicle, thousands of self propelled guns , multiple launcher systems, Yıldırım balistic missiles, Som cruise missiles in a serious/real war they would destroy Greece. Current Turkish army is much more stronger than Greek army. Accept this fact. this is not a source of shame for your country. And also in the future they will be stronger

    • I know these because i always search these kind of stuff. Some Serious researches show that Turkey will have a population of 110 million by 2050, 140 million by 2075 most economics predictions show that Turkey have the 9th largest GDP in the world by 2050 Turkey's current gdp rank is 17 and current PPP rank is 15 , so i should talk about future too to explain myself time pasts fast human life is small. I want to live in a good world that's war free


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  • No Greece was initially invaded by Italy with German assistance so I doubt they would've wanted to join their conquerors in invading Turkey.

  • You realize Hitler has been dead for 70 years right?

  • would hitler attack turkey cuz they keep asking him "what do you think of turkey?"

  • NO. If you attack Turkey from the rear end, NO amount of Greece will help!

    yahoo answers, lol


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