Am I smart enough for the field I want to go for in college?

I'm a senior in high school, recently I've been looking at colleges and trying to figure out what's next after highschool. I know for a fact I'm going to a community college, then to a university for my bachelor's. I want as much education as possible, except i'm not too sure about anything after that.

My brother is in college at the moment and he keeps recommending that I take general studies for my associates degree. That looks like a good choice, however I was looking more at the specialization in math and science. Being that the field requires calculus I'm just worried I won't get through.

I've taken algebra, geometry non regents, and this year I'm taking intermediate algebra, which is the first gear of trigonometry. So far the class is easy, at my level, and it may even move too slow for me. I really wish either I took honors or I tried more last year so I could have taken trigonometry this year.

So far over my high school career I haven't tried hard, and never really cared too much about school. Last year I had a rough year and was going through something's and skipped everyday. Since then I've went to summer school, passed that. Now I haven't missed a day of school yet and I'm dedicated. I want to become smart, intellectual, and just be the best I can.

This year I tried to take physics but I couldn't being I wasn't taking trigonometry, again another reason why I wish I didn't mess up last year. I also tried taking astronomy but I couldn't based on my schedule not being open enough. Soon I'm taking the SAT's to see how I do. Last year I took the PSAT's and received a 980 on it with a 500 in math. I've always been very smart in math and science, since I was a young kid.

What do you guys think about this? I'm capable of getting good grades, I just don't like trying.
As I've said I'm trying to fix that and I actually do want an education. Any help from older people that have some knowledge to share on my situation, it's much appreciated!


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  • Why not go for an A. S in Engineering; take the math placement test for the CC you're planning to attend, get high scores and get placed on the appropriate class for the degree. 2-3 years after, you can get the degree and get a decent job, and still have the required classes to transfer to a 4 year institution and have junior standing. If you're good with math, don't let that talent go to waste.


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  • Get your associate in community college because if you declare your major and transfer, depending on the university you transfer to, they might not take the credit and you'll have to take it again

  • " I'm capable of getting good grades, I just don't like trying. "
    You will never get good grades if you don't try. Stop being a little bitch and just do the work. Highschool is easy as hell, all you have to do is complete the homework.

    I would recommend you just look online for a free calculus textbook or watch some videos on it. If it seems easy: go for it. If it seems hard: try harder or give up.