I want to make a cartoon and a comedy show, who wants in?

ok so, im a funny guy i know this already. friends family etc.. use my jokes all the time to this day and I got to put it on tv. Every morning I tell my mom this and she tells me ''shut up and eat your eggs'' she doesn't listen to me. are there any actors/writers interested. oh yeah, and I can't pay you because I have no money, so we just have to wait until the show ends up on tv


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  • Sure. How about a spoof show on trans-people called "Trans-genders, more than meets the eye".

    Its theme song would be along the lines of the transformers theme, saying "Trans-genders, GENDERS IN DISGUISE!"

    In all seriousness, don't make a show about friends or buddies hanging out, it is really over-done.


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  • What kind of cartoons? I say do it.


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  • If it wasn't you mom telling you that I would say you should listen to her and shut be and eat her eggs lol (tie a rope on your waist and put a miners hat on, I will pull you out if you get stuck)