I seem to attract a lot of flaky guys. He messages me all the time, but doesn't show up to things?

im not sure if its the right term to use, but ut seems like a lot of "flaky" guys contact me. The latest guy was someone I met 2 maybe 3 weeks ago at a party. Two days after meeting him me messaged me and he has messaged me every 1-2 days since then, he always starts the conversation.

But he has asked me to an event about 3 times and told me he was going to this event, without him turning up or cancles the event. The first time he invited me to joing him and his friends for pre-drinks IF they were going out, apparantly they werent, but he didn't inform me about it.

The second time he invited me a party, and this time and the time before he told me how nice it would be if i went etc. Several times. And the most recent was him asking me what my plans where and I told him i was going to this party in our student village, he told me he was going too and that "he would see me there". He didn't show up.

I get it, things come up. but its more the fact that he invites me but dont tell me that its not going to happen after all than anything else. Im only asking because its an odd way of acting, i dont see the logic behind it


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  • Try making plans with just him and he has to pick you up. Say you're not going to meet him anywhere until he shows up to your place at least 3 times.

  • If someone acted like that with me, I wouldn't play along anymore

  • either he's insecure of he's dating other girls. or both

    • Im not interested in dating him, and if he thinks I am I dont get why

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