Should people in their 20s focus on their career and relationship or should they explore life-meeting people, trying new things, travelling etc?

  • Focus on career
    82% (9)43% (3)67% (12)Vote
  • Focus on relationships
    0% (0)14% (1)6% (1)Vote
  • Focus on career and relationships
    9% (1)14% (1)11% (2)Vote
  • Focus on exploring life - try new things, meet new people, travel etc
    9% (1)29% (2)16% (3)Vote
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  • There are many things I want to do and places I still want to travel to, and I know I can only do all those things if I finish college, get a steady life, and earn my own money. So, it's important for us to focus on education/career before we explore.


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  • I picked career, but I need to ask, how do you explore life, try things and travel without working? How do you pay for that? Sounds like living like a flake to me. What bank is going to loan you enough money to do that and not work?

  • For a couple years option D but by the time you are 25 option C

  • experience from traveling is the only true wealth a person can acquire, our species has been traveling thousands of years and we only became better because of it.