When you decide what state or country you wanted or want to live in what did you look into about the place?


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  • Salaries, available jobs, cost of housing & of course if I like it there. I considered climate as I don't like winter.

    Side story. An acquaintance moved from where I live now (a smaller city) to where I use to live (a very big city) without checking anything, all he saw was that he could make 1 1/2 X's as much money. He emailed a lot of use that lived there or in that area wanting to know where he could rent an apartment for $600- a month. (about the cost where I live now) HA I wrote back you better triple that. You can't even get a place in the ghetto for $600. The cost of living is very high in some places & lower in others.

    • Ya I know that😂😂😂 why are you anon?

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    • ? Maybe someone really disagreed with one of my opinions.

    • Maybe who ever it is sounds like a jack ass

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