What should I name my book?

Here's the basic info

We all die for a reason, but we live to make life worth the reason

Nothing has gone right for Pablo, a 15 year old latino who goes to school in the Bronx just to learn her skills will never get her out of the ghetto.
When she meets Adriana, a transfer student from LA with a bad past and hopeful future they instantly come together to make poetry and music come alive.

If other comment other names please :)

  • Tears of the fallen teenagers
    22% (2)25% (1)23% (3)Vote
  • Keys of the fallen teenagers
    11% (1)0% (0)8% (1)Vote
  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Pablo is a male name, why not name your character Pebble if female?

    I'd title the story "Pebbles of Harmony"


What Guys Said 4

  • Now.. I'm no author, but I'd suggest *not* naming your book something so edgy.
    If it's a short story, give it the title of a song the two kids write. If you're planning on making it a long story then I'd suggest giving more thought into a better/ more meaningful title.

  • "Pablo is a Trans or has Issues"

    That's because "she" has a male name.

  • If this book ever makes millions do I get 20% for coming up with the name?

  • Wait... Pablo is a girl?


What Girls Said 2

  • Question... you call Pablo a latino but then reference the character as 'her'. A latino is a male so is it a girl or a guy? If it's a girl, Pablo is a boys name and you need to call her a latina.

    Also, and this is coming from an English teacher, but neither of those titles are appealing. They sound like you're trying to hard to sound deep and it sounds very corny and emo. I don't know enough about your book to give you a new title, though.

  • I think it's too long... and i don't like the "fallen teenagers" thing...
    And... Pablo is a guys name