There's a pretty big spider in my window of my apartment right now, what the f*** should I do?

I genuinely don't care if this isn't allowed on here. I need some opinions. I usually do have a fear of spiders since I always have the creeps of them crawling on me when I am asleep (which I know most likely won't happens since they're not interested in me, rather the bugs they are going after).

So, I closed my window and he lodged himself between the window frame and the screen, just chilling there. He's an ugly one, that's for sure, but I am debating on just leaving him there tonight instead of trying to kill him? I can't imagine him getting in side the window is sealed shut. My only hopes is that he leaves the window to go back outside tomorrow morning the same way he came in.

Should I just leave him be overnight or should I attempt to kill him? I don't have anything to spray him with besides some cologne and pepper spray (lol) and there's no way I would be able to whack him with something since he's practically on my screen.

Just want some opinions!


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  • Just leave him be.


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  • Just pick it up and put it outside

    • Oh yeah, just let me pick up the ugly motherf*cker with my bare hands, bring him in the elevator with me, hold him the entire elevator ride, casually walk outside with a spider dangling from my hands, and set him in the grass. Lol.

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    • I can't do that. Not that I am terrified of spiders, but scared enough to freak out if I see one on me haha!

    • Just do it Lol

  • I have a "bug cup" it's a plastic cup that I scoop bugs in if they're ever in my house. I'm terrified of bugs too, especially spiders. So if you have a plastic cup you're ok with wasting, just get it to go in there (might have to scoop it in yourself) and then you can toss it outside

    • If you have a long walk to the outside use one cup to get him in it and put another turned upside down on the other side so the rims are touching each other and he can't crawl out and touch you. I mean you wasted 2 cups (hopefully they're plastic if you do this cause yeah) but you can just use them in the future for only that, like I do

  • Spray the little fucker with a bottle of bleach. Make sure the bottle is full. Sometimes I'll spray with one bottle of bleach in the other hand and Windex in the other. Text a friend and ask them to bring you some lovely household chemicals.

  • Can you get to the window outside? Id say spray him with your pepper spray from the outside That way he can die and you can open the window and remove him after. You dont have to worry about him coming inside 😱

    • Nope, on the 20th floor so unfortunately I can't unless I feel like grappling from the edge of my building :P

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  • Eat it bruh!!!