If there was a university where you had to be 8/10 or better, smart, funny and awesome and you could get in would you go?

- no school work
- free.


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  • No school work? Deal breaker. It would be a waste of time and not give anyone skills that are competitive in a global marketplace.

    • it's free. who gives a shit. u have google.

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    • The man who mops for a living says the same thing.

    • But I assume they would still teach. You could come up with your own methods of learning rather than having assigned work

  • Nope because that would be a very biased school.

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    • What the fuck does that have to do with anything. You said hypothetically I could get in so hypothetically im 8/10. But I would reject it because that school would probably have a lot of narcissists and be biased.

    • i knew it :D