Should I follow my crush on instagram?

I haven't really talked to him before bc I'm a new student to the school (I'm coming in the middle of hs 11th grade). I mean, would it be Ava's idea?

2mo *A bad idea
2mo Any other opinions


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  • I'm torn on this one. Honestly, when I see that some random person from school just decided to follow me on instagram I get a little suspicious. "Do they like me?" I ask myself and get a little confidence boost. Anyway, it's not a bad idea, especially when you're in a new school. Don't be afraid to start following people on social media. I love it when a girl follows me first on Instagram, that way I don't have to take the first step. I'll just follow back.


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  • Sure, Follow Him and then Follow your Heart from the Start.
    He may even Return the Follow' and then Can you both Begin Talking? I am not Familiar with This site, but I do Know how it Works on Here, dear.
    Good luck. xx

    • 2mo

      It's okay to let him know you are "Around." This is how many people begin a friendship, no need to stand on Woman and Man ceremonies. xx

    • 1mo

      Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • it won't hurt to do it. then u can see what he's into and what he does and likes, and maye something will happen for u guys :)

  • Don't follow him let him follow u first