Hey guys what do you think about Turkey?

Lmao I had to

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  • Can I just say I love how modern turks are always "proudly" associating themselves with the Ottoman empire when there's absolutely no modern Germans proudly walking around claiming they are successors of the Holy Roman Empire or Greeks referring to themselves as the Byzantines lmao

    • Lol what else can they be proud of

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    • @Jxpxtxr On 1911 Ottomans decided to join WW1 by Germans side cause we wanted to conquer Balkans back and the other lands we lost. However we couldn't do that cause of fighting against everyone again with our bankrupted economy.
      We were fighting against Russians at Caucasus, fighting against British at Arabian Peninsula, Italians at Trablus and then First Balkan War came up on 1912 ( When we were fighting against Italians ) so Ottomans had to retreat from Trablus for to protect remaining lands on Balkans.
      That was the situation we had on WW1 and hundreds of years, while we were fighting against someone others were coming from behind and we had to sign a peace treaty with them or retreat from the battlefield.

      Especially on 1915 there weren't enough man to fight and work for the country, so we sen't 12-15 year old kids to Battle of Gallipoli where we fought against UK and its allies, and Ottomans won it like this in that bad situation. Later those bad times we again had another war.

    • http://i.hizliresim.com/kE7qyA.jpg

      That was the situation on 1915, these kid soldiers fought at Battle of Gallipoli which is known as the bloodiest battle or one of bloodiest battles happend on WW1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallipoli_Campaign

      So thats why our country is developing right now it just passed 100 years on this war and it been like 88 years we established Republic of Turkiye. We are still messing with terrorism and Kurdish rebellions at East and now with ISIS shit at Syria. Turkiye cannot develop itself that much easily like any other European country cause we always have enemies, and always had.

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  • I don't know enough about current events with them but all the worst things they did that I know of happened around 100 years ago so I don't see much of a reason to hold a grudge today.

    People who come to America from Turkey tell me people there are assholes though.


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