Should I feel bad that I can't get a job at my job at my age?

I had one for a week before I told them I was going on vacation. They said they wanted someone who stuck around and they let me go. So I guess that one barely counts. Anyways the reason I can't get a job is because I have to watch my disabled brother so that my parents can work full time. Hopefully when my mom gets done with her internship, she will be making enough money to hire a caregiver. And then I can go get a job. I am going to enroll in a certified nurses assistant course and try to do really good in it. If I can get high grades in that course, theoretically it will show employers I will be good at the job. I am taking this time to get better at my math since I am terrible at it and write newspaper articles. While I like interning for a newspaper, it's an unpaid internship.

My parents have told me repeatedly to not feel bad. However I highly doubt I will be hired if the only work experience I can I have is taking care of my brother who may be disabled but he talks back and makes me want to rip my hair out. I especially feel bad because I have a friend who is my exact age and she has a good job and a house. She has roommates who help her pay for everything but still.


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  • Nope, Trust me I didn't get a legitimate full time job until I was 21. Back then as like right now the job market was scarce and picky as hell. I had to go 45 miles to find a place to hire me, then had the job 6 months before I quit just before my grandma died from cancer.


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  • Taking care of a disabled person brother or not is a full time job.

    • Remember to include this work experience on your next job application. It may make a difference.

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    • I feel for you. I am a care giver & guardian for my handicapped nephew.


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  • Don't feel bad. I didn't get a job until I was 21. I went with engineering, and I don't feel bad for not having a job before that age. My time investment was worth it. Study something good, and it should be well worth it.

  • Nothing to feel bad. I suggest doing some freelance work from home. Or be a volunteer like once a week. It will make finding a full time job in the future a lot easier.

  • "I had one for a week before I told them I was going on vacation. ... So I guess that one barely counts. Anyways the reason I can't get a job..."


    The reason you can't get a job is because you aren't taking responsibility for your own career. Who the hell does that? Take a vacation a week into a new job? And that thing about your brother? C'mon... who are you fooling? If you have to stay home to look after your brother, then what's going to happen when you do land a job? That's a bullshit excuse.

    If you want to build a resume, then do it the old fashioned way and just get your ass out there and do things for free and do it better than those who are getting paid for it. Guaranteed you'll get a job offer in no time.

    • I planned the vacation a year and half in advance and it was on that day. By the way, I seem to remember asking a question about how my disabled brother was holding me back from getting a job because i have to look after him so much, and you called me selfish and that I should more for my family blah, blah, blah. Of course I was anon but I distinctly remember that. Make up your mind. Am I selfish or lazy?

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    • You know what. I've noticed that you can write quite well. I mean, we disagree on things from time to time, but you've always presented your point in a well written manner.

      Perhaps you can do something with that?

    • Thanks. I have an unpaid internship at a newspaper it doesn't put a huge dent in my time. I only have to write one article a week and it only takes me about 4 hours to write a good article. Still trying telling myself it's the experience that matters. I actually want to be a registered nurse so I am taking this time to do school work.

  • I'm 20 and dont even want to get a job xD

  • I don't believe this is a true story. Tell me your true story and I will give you good suggestions.

    • Why would I type out an entire paragraph that's not even true? Do you honestly think I am pathetic enough to not get job and that I don't have a disabled brother?

    • If that story is really true , then I can give you a few suggestions : Try taking tuitions or baby sitting. Also you can look for online jobs. Wait till your mother completes her internship and get a well paid job. The very fact that you are giving so much time to take good care of your brother shows that you are a good person at heart. and you should not feel bad about it. Also just because your friends are doing well should not make you feel bad. Don't compare yourself to any other person in this way. Everybody have their own problems. Just take control of your life in the best way possible. Things could change for the better any time. just be hopeful.

    • Didn't know the perceptive Sherlock Holnes was on gag.. Too bad your deductions are nothing more than blind assumptions..

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