Which superhero would I be in real life and which one would YOU be?

Facts about me :
-I'm a 15.
-My Uncle died some months before I turned 15.
-My first "serious" crush who has potential to be my girlfriend is blonde and has blue eyes.
-When I started High school, I was shy but I'm getting more outgoing every year (I'm still somewhat shy though). And now I'm in Grade 10th.
-I'm a geek/nerd who loves building stuff (mostly programs on my computer).
-I'm not rich but I'm not poor.
-I wear black glasses and might soon wear contact lenses.
-I have brown hairs and eyes.
-I love learning stuff at school.
-I don't have a lot of friends.
-I'm not really famous (excepted that a lot of people know me because my name is unique at my school).
-I have already been bullied but I showed to the bullies that I wasn't as lame as they say.
-None of my parents are dead.

And which one would you be? by the way which superhero would I be? I'm really confused.

2mo Sorry I meant "I'm 15". But if ever i would be a superhero, I think I would fit perfectly as Spider-Man/Peter Parker.
And actually, I have a good sense of humor.


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  • You kinda resemble Spiderman, but only to an extent.
    Does Red Hood count as a superhero?

    • 2mo

      And I think he is more of an Anti-hero! But many people do not make the difference between heroes and Anti-heroes, so I think this should be fine! ;)

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    • 2mo

      The only bad thing was wanting Batman to kill Joker instead of doing it himself, which was more of how he coped with his own death and suffering than anything. It was, in a sense, immature, altough completely understandable, given what he's been through...

    • 2mo

      Yeah I agree

  • I think you would be Robin.

    I'd be space ghost.

    • 2mo

      Haha I personally thought I would be Peter Parker/Spider-Man. xD
      But cool!