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So we got a new neighbor - who has a dog that won't stop barking. I figure its normal, the dog is getting used to a new place or something and is scared and that's okay but. BUT. The thing about that residence is that some years ago, the tenant died in there and wasn't discovered for a few days. Ever since then people never stay for a full year (the lease is only for 1 or 2 years, not half year or monthly). Other apartments on my floor get renters that stay a while so, its this apartment. I'm thinking it might be haunted and the dog is barking at preternatural things. So anyways, what should I do? Bake them a pie or cookies?

  • apple pie (traditional)
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  • blueberry pie
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  • chocolate chip cookies (also traditional)
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  • shortbread (i really want some)
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  • other (what would you like as a housewarming gift usually?)
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  • What did I read😂😅😅

  • Cookies.

  • Yum!! Apple Pie!


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