What kind of smartphone should I buy for my requirements?

Ok so I have no idea when it comes to phones. I genuinely still buy cheap nokia pay as you go's when ever I can. But it seems that it might be time for an upgrade now considering everywhere/one just assumes you have one these days.

So, I would like to buy a cheap smart phone that I can use apps with (can I download aps from the ap store with any smartphone?). I'd love to give tinder a try (and I'm not sure about the specs for pokemon go but that would be fun too - but its not necessary if its going to cost me a fortune more).
Ideally it has to still be pay as you go as I have a house phone with a contract already and don't want any more contracts! Do mobile phone stores sell pay as you go non contract smart phones? Or do you think they would try rope me into a contract? Ideally I need to be able to use my own home internet on it for free too but still have the option of internet elsewhere.

Advice on good places to buy (UK) and cheaper phone options that would provide these specs.

Sorry for being a noob! haha


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  • Have a look at this article. If you don't want to spend the $800 for one of the top spec smart phones, it's these ones you are in the market for. As long as its Android, any of these should be able to run Pokemon go and tinder


What Girls Said 2

  • I suggest you visit a few phone shops and ask there. Secondly I also suggest that you get something with a minimum of 1gb of storage. Anything less will force you to constantly delete your messages. Third, look at secondary brands which might have phones with the same features are more well known brands but for half the price.

  • Look for a cheap samsung model I reckon, but your safest bet would be to go in store, and tell all of this to a tech expert :)