Have any of you backpacked southeast Asia?

Me and a friend are going to be planning our trip right away and I'm wondering how long you guys spent there and how much it costs you so I have an idea


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  • Ya I spend around 3 months. I think that's enough. Excluding the flights, life is pretty cheap there I probably spend the same I would at home (including rent) around 1000 euro a month and we weren't cheapskates


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  • No I would never go there, I have no reason to.. Plus I'm white I would stick out like a giant.. They would be thinking look there goes the American man with the huge wang. I don't like him. Hahaha as fun as that would be I think I would rather stay home.. (-.-)

    • And if anyone where to have a problem with that well then they are a dream ruiner (,_.) kidding don't hate.