Do you think the world would be better or worse if all cops were like the cops in classic 80's movie?

If every cop were either like John Mcclane or Martin Riggs for example. Do you think we'd all be in good hands or end up getting caught in the crossfire of bullets, car chases and explosions... even if it is an awful idea... would still be fucking cool to see XD


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  • More than likely get caught in the crossfire of bullets, car chases and explosions. What is seen and portrayed in Hollywood movies are absolutely unrealistic anyway. It's just there to make you feel that it is awesome but it does not reflect or even come close to reality.

    I mean how often are criminals in real life ever armed to the teeth with heavy machine guns and assault weapons as a small or even large group that police have to deal with on a regular basis? How often do the criminals in real life have lots of demolitions and explosives like rocket launchers and grenades?

    There are scary high speed car chases in real life, but they're not even close to being exciting to watch compared to what is portrayed and scripted on the big screens, but that's just me.

    What about if every cop in the world was like Scanner Cop?

    Or how about every cop in the world was like RoboCop? Spinning their gun each time after shooting down a bad guy, right... no wouldn't that just be really awesome? 8-) lol


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  • Moar esplosions please!

    • Now that I think of it there should also be more femme fatales and rainy, neon-lit alleys with noodle bars and seedy bars...

  • I wish they were all like Dirty Harry

  • No we'd be better off if cops were like your neighbors which is why we need to draft cops.