WHY does my grandma have to be a dream basher?

I say hay I'm going to make a desk she says o u can't make a desk because do u even know how to make a desk no u don't so u can't. i say I want to run. A race she's o your not fast enough. Wtf why dose she do that?


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  • A 'Desk', WTF is that, to you, really? A flat table top, to spread out your books, notes and laptop/tablet?
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the God-blessed Camel!! GO to Home dipshit (Depot) or Menards, or Orchard, or whatever building/hardware store you have, and buy a ready-made 2-3 foot wide, by 4 foot long, plank!!!
    Bring it home, and stack some boxes, or like me, cases of canned fruits and vegetables, under it, and make it about level!! use it as a desk!! How hard is that? It costs maybe $20!!

    • She is not saying it because of cost and no I'm not going to do that I want to build a real desk


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  • Sounds like you're getting on her nerves, rambling on endlessly about delusional aspirations she knows full well you will never act upon. If you want to do something, just do it!

    • I can't get on her nurvs because I don't live with her and I normally like to do crafts

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    • You're a hot mess!

    • Whys that?

  • Your grandma's a bitch that's why haahha...
    Don't listen to her.. do what you have to do and believe in yourself

  • tough love?


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