To people who have depression?

what do you do if school is making you depressed. what do you do to distract your self


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  • Therapy could help a lot, if you do it every week it could help you deal. Make yourself smile! It actually boosts your mood. Distract yourself, and go outside whenever possible. If you have a pet, spending time with it makes you happier. Exercise and fresh air feels so good and refreshing after 7 hours barricaded in a stagnant environment. Meditation could be helpful, and spend time with your friends at least sometimes. Learn to manage your time, have at least 15 minutes a day to just unwind, it really does help your mental health. Hang in there and talk to somebody if you are feeling bad. I suggest depression chat rooms because people listen to your woes and give advice if you need it. If you have suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting yourself, or you do, it is definitely time to get professional help. Do relaxing activities. For me personally this includes reading, doodling, taking a shower, humming or softly singing, and watching a cute movie, like a Disney one or chick flick (I know, I know!). I hope this helps. Hang in there! Also be sure to get enough sleep every night, and have a sleep schedule.

  • Music and talking to others can help.