Girls how do you rate guys attractiveness scale when you compliment someone as Cute, good-looking, attractive, Hot, Handsome, Beautiful, gorgeous etc?

Or it all means same to you?

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  • eh, it kinda all means the same. I'll use different words based on what mood I'm in, or what kind of vibe the guy gives off. For example, I'm more likely to call someone who is dressed up "handsome," but someone who is shirtless at the beach "hot." It doesn't mean one is better than the other, just that those specific words seem to work best in those situations.


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  • Generally women don't rate guys like that.
    Sometimes men do like if they see a 9 they will call her gourus or if the see a 6 they might call her cute. But women are generally not like that. It depends on what the guy is wearing or where your at normally.


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