Have you ever fallen in love with someone unrequitedly and never really gotten over them?

At 19 I fell in love with a guy a few years older than me. He was/is everything I ever wanted but I never pursued it because I had horrible self esteem even though he did like me. But then he got a girlfriend and it was a couple of years of avoiding him and running into him and participating in activities in which I would accidentally find him. Meanwhile I would try to find someone else because he just stayed with her. They eventually married. I moved. They moved. And now they're happy. But every now and them I run across an update on FB (they have a baby now) and I do feel happy he is doing well but at the same time it still hurts. How can an unrequited crush hurt me several years later?


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  • Unrequited Love is the worst pain ever!

    I fell in love with a co-worker, and I didn't know she had a boyfriend and was heartbroken when I saw her kiss him. It took me a year to almost get over her, I tried talking to her as a friend and found out he dumped her... this is after I accepted she was with someone else and I would never have her... We still work together, it's been another year now, has been a bad rollercoaster but I haven't been thinking about her and have been focusing on other things now...

    I think you need to accept he is with someone else, and delete him from Facebook... and keep your mind off him.


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  • Twice now. Once when I was 17 and I didn't get truly over him for about 15 years lol (oh my) and once at around 34 and I don't think I'll ever fully get over him. C'est la vie.


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  • This girl that treats me like absolute shit. She always flakes on me yet always wants to be my friend. I have finally gotten over her!