Am I frigid or just bad at dealing with other people's behaviour?

Now don't get me wrong. I'm all down for affection. Just only when I'm feeling up to it.

I am not a cuddly person. I will rarely initiate a hug (and even then it's only with close family and friends; I have no SO), nor will I add 'xoxo' to the end of every message. I respect boundaries and avoid unnecessary contact with others. I'm fine with returning a hug, people leaning on me and such, all I ask is that when I move away from you, you understand I don't want to be touched.

With this in mind, I have a particular friend that doesn't understand this concept. She'll sit halfway on top of me sometimes when I'm trying to do work at school, and if I move away or show my discomfort, she'll end up suuuuper close to me again. Even if there's half a sofas length of room.

I recently vocalised my discomfort with her behaviour and she responded with "It's only 'cause I love you. Not my fault you're so cold and frigid." She does this a lot; gets super intense with the how much she likes me thing. I'm flattered but also weirded out to the point where I now avoid her company if I can. But for other friends it's fine.

It's just got me worried that I may be a bit of an emotionally-stunted wreck :/


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What Guys Said 2

  • My sense of humor is invading people privacy. I'd get super close to there face and make funny faces. With my coworkers, and family. I dunno if it makes you uncomfortable and can't seem to get the hint then I guess she has to learn the hard way that you mean business.

  • I'm the same way and a lot of people are. I used to eat out a lot in restaurants and I used to get so annoyed because I might be the only one in the place and someone will come in and where do they sit? Right next to me!! Like, the whole fricken place is empty, you could sit anywhere but you come to the table right beside me. I'd get so mad.


What Girls Said 1

  • I am the same way. I don't enjoy it when other people invade my space. I want them to stay away.