Black people, how are you oppressed and how do you want it to be fixed?

I never hear a real solution.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think we're oppressed, but I do think we're discriminated against a lot. I have the same rights as every other person legally in America, but I know I'm not considered attractive, I have to work harder to be taken seriously in my profession, and I get stereotyped and when people find out I use proper English, they tell me I sound 'white' or they can tell I went to a white school because I'm smart.

    I just hate the stereotypes. I'm automatically assumed to be dumb because I'm black or not a positive member in society because of my ethnicity. But I don't think white people have to prove to people nearly as much that they are capable of certain things and that they're intelligent.

  • I don't think black people are oppressed. We have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else and I would say even more rights than most other groups.


What Guys Said 1

  • Black people are not oppressed. Its how society and media views them.