Is it attractive when someone overcomes a difficulty?

Or is it unattractive to you that they had hardships? Like i'm going through a really hard time right now and i'm all messed up but i know i'll get through it. I am wondering if my girlfriend will think less or more of me because of this?


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  • Yes, it's very attractive. It means they are strong, they never give up and they fight for what they want.
    I don't see how having hardships would be unattractive. Everyone has problems, there are no perfect lives.
    So, your girlfriend will probably think more of you.


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  • I don't know girls love to be the one to change a "broken man" for some dumb reason.

    I've always tried to avoid trouble and drama in my life and it's the train wreck guys that girls have always seemed to go for, over myself. Hoping this changes in the next few years because I'm not getting any younger and neither are women.

    A man shouldn't have to dumb himself down for women to be attracted to the fantasy of changing him.


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  • If she thinks less of you for having overcome a difficulty then she doesn't deserve to be your girlfriend.

  • It's very attractive. It shows that even in hard times, you're still going to try. And that is an amazing thing to have in a relationship.


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