Why do I feel such a want to be needed I just want to feel like someone needs me for once?


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  • My back itches like mad and I just can't reach it. Could you help me out here?

    • Not really what I mean but if I was thare absolutely

    • LOL. Sorry I couldn't resist. But I know what you mean. There is a human need to feel like you are important to someone/something. Even dogs like to have a job.

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  • I think everybody feels that way. I sometimes do, but I've learned I'm an incredibly polarizing person. I attract a fair amount of negative attention frequently, especially on here.

    People do need you. Your parents need you. Your friends need you. As cheesy as this sounds, the world needs you. You wouldn't be here if you weren't needed.

    • Lol that's funny I don't have friends and my mom's life would probably be easier if I wasn't around. I just want to feel like someone actually needs me

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    • Yeah I guess then I get to be alone and sad yay

    • Live with a roommate

  • Do you feel lonely and sad? Maybe you're surrounded by people who are too independent.

    • It's just me and my mom most days except for a few times a year when I'm at dads or my cousins come to stay with us

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    • It's not there fault we live 24 hours away

    • And it's not lack of attention

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