Have you ever wanted to look ugly or bad?

I've wanted to almost take comfort in looking bad sometimes. It's like turning off a switch.


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  • Well it would be very simple to accomplish. Throw on some hooker makeup, stop washing your face wear really old and dirty clothes and there you go. If you really want it you could even bash your face up or have plastic surgery to make yourself more ugly. Did no one ever.

    Only reason a person would want to look bad is because they already look bad and want to take control of the situation by convincing themselves that that's what they want. or a temporary and tremendously skewed idea that being beautiful has more disadvantages than being ugly - - which is vastly untrue.

    no. I have never wanted to be ugly. On my long long long long list of desires that is nowhere to be found.

    • No. It's almost like you want to be ugly to make yourself invisible.

      And also, you already know you're beautiful. But how beautiful is the question

    • yeah that would fall under "temporary and tremendously skewed idea that being beautiful has more disadvantages than being ugly." Whatever you have you're going to want the opposite because you are familiar with the disadvantages of what you have but not of what you dont have. so you're completely clueless when it comes to the disadvantages of being ugly.


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  • No, I would rather look good. Being attractive is always better than being ugly.

  • Maybe if someone looks ugly or bad, they can focus on their career wise more often and become rich. Never really know...

  • No, i would like to look what ever way God wants me to look like.


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