IPod 5 won't turn on?

I know it's not broken because when i charge my device and unplug it, i can hear the sound which indicates its charging. I tried holding onto the power button for a while to see if it would turn on, but it wouldn't. and plus my home button is broken. please help?


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  • You use ipods still?

    • ... im not 18 years old. aha

    • Millennial burn... maybe?
      No seriously. I honestly thought they stopped making ipods. I'm gonna go see what my last one was if I can find it.
      Also if the other responses didn't help - let the battery drain completely and then charge it again through a wall socket. It used to happen to my nano and id leave it for a week and the recharge it and it would work.

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  • Hold the power button for as long as you can. Then try repeating it after releasing it shortly. If that doesn't work its probably broken.


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  • hold the front round bottom, and the power button together for a few seconds