Is it a good idea to live a little and have fun as a teenager?

OK so im a sophomore in highschool , i get good grades, honor classes, hardly never get in trouble with my parents, i hardly go out, im antisocial, im a supposed "goodie goodie" but I've realized that i haven't 'lived' as a teenager. these are the supposed to be the best times of your life yet im wasting it (of course im not really wasting it cz im focusing on school) but I've been planning sometime now to have fun not the type of fun that'll affect my education but like fun like actually sneaking off with a guy, sneaking out with friends, get high and no i dont want to do this because people label me as a 'lamoe' im doing these because everyone else is having fun and i want to have fun but in a responsible matter, i i doubt all these things will affect me in an unhealthy way but i mean dont you remember when you were a teenager , all those fun times and you wouldn't trade it for nothing.


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  • I'd trade the fun I had for better grades. I'm sure my brother would trade it for the chance to move outta the town he grew up, but now he's got a kid.
    For a smart kid you're sounding pretty stupid.

    • yo r00d, she just wanted some advice chill the hecko out

      and we're teens, of course we sound stupid and do stupid stuff because we're immature and don't have a good sense of judgement--- which is why we're on this heckin' website in the first place: so we don't make dumb mistakes we're going to regret.

      but i agree with ur input Mr. adult guy, studies are more important than entertainment

      gotta get into that ivy league college amirite lmaoo

    • Someone's gotta

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  • ehhhh sneaking out doesn't seem the best idea, don't do anything that'll get you in trouble.

    try going to school dances or school activities/clubs more with friends or something, or go to the movies with friends

    but legit tho don't sneak out that's a no-good

    and high school is important and all (wowza the time of your youth!) but like, studies are more important. you can relax and chill all you want during college, but try to have more self-control during highschool and focus on getting into a good college

    also dont do drugs lmao


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  • Life is mostly about balance. Live for the here and now but plan for the future...


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  • I have never did any of those things as a teenager, and I'm glad I didn't. You need to stop trying to please other people, and seek to better yourself as a young woman, before those decisions will effect your future. That is not fun. Its call rebellion, and they are the type of people you will see end up pregnant, get an abortion, then drop out, or have a very bad life style etc. Stay away from that crowd and do what you have to do. Because college tuition is going up every year, education is getting tougher, and as you hit 18, more expectations is need of you as an adult.

  • I don't think getting high is the right thing to do. I'm doing great in school I'm top of my class and I still have fun by partying but drugs are not a good thing to do. Go to parties with friends, go to concerts, etc. but don't get high that's not cool.