I'm 17 and can my mom force me to pay for something when I earned my money through my job?

I have a job and my mom wants me to pay for my car insurance, I'm againts to even having a car, it's in her name and everything, but can she force me to pay for it or even take my money? it's in a joint account of her in my name and pin n account she doesn't know passwords to

FYI my mom is a major witch and failed at life and so is trying to ruin mine, she ruined my older brothers as much as she could too. And there are many reasons why I will refuse to give her a single penny of my hard earned money, currently I'm trying to get out of this house.


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  • Don't let your mom fuck up your credit. My mom wanted me to open up a credit card, she woke me up and took me to Walmart. She told me to open one. She said she would pay it. I did... She hasn't paid on it yet!
    She used my Jared credit card and bought my dad a chain and a ring. I didn't know she had it. She promised to pay. Still hasn't!
    She used my credit card yesterday while I slept! I didn't have money for lunch today! I gave her 40 dollars this week.

    My mom is a grown woman waiting for an unemployment check and mooching off of me!


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  • How often do you use the car, and do you use it more for her benefit or your own?

    Long story short, until you're 18 anything you have can be controlled by her, and that includes your money. You can try going into the bank and opening an account under your name, but I'm not even certain you can. It sounds like you're in the right mindset by wanting to get out of there though. Good luck man.

    • My mom is using my ex as an excuse to move, and through me into a school far away for when we move and I have to drive there. Do you know of a way I could actually get out of this house? obviously she won't say go right ahead

    • The only way (in the US) is to become emancipated. You'd have to prove that you're financially able to support yourself though, and since you're in school that would be tough. Alternatively you could look into a family member (you mentioned brothers). You would have to be able to prove that you're also better off on your own than with her. It's tough to become emancipated.


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  • That's a bit complicated. She sacrificed her whole life for you so therefore you are forever indebted bc she's your mother and went through a lot for you, if she needs financial aid, you must help her. But if she has the money to do it, try to talk to her nicely and convince her that you need the money for personal reasons.

    • She's a bitch.

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    • Honestly would rather goto an orphanage, or get kicked out on streets cause I have a lot of options already. I can't and won't ever see the good in her

    • Don't you think living in an orphanage is easy... I visited one last month with my friends and I've seen some awful treatment. I'm not saying your mom is right, I totally disagree with her and I'd never do what she did to my kids but I believe since she kept you there is some good in her... No one is made of pure darkness.

  • Well if she bought the car, and its in her name, technically no you dont. But if you drive the car frequently, I would be common courtesy. But she can't steal money from you. Its your money, you earned it, you do with it as you want. I would get another account she dosent know about and transfer it

    • can't get one without adult permission when your 17

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    • i mean yeah? dont u have an atm card or something?

    • Yeah, wasn't sure if she could forcefully take the cash away from me though

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  • Yep, she can you're a minor.

  • Cane she? Yes. Should she? I don't think she should, but that's her parenting style