If you had a harem of male slaves, what would you do with them?

  • Make them work for you
    18% (3)20% (3)19% (6)Vote
  • Make them sex you
    6% (1)0% (0)3% (1)Vote
  • Make them sex each other
    6% (1)7% (1)6% (2)Vote
  • All of the above
    18% (3)7% (1)12% (4)Vote
  • No thanks
    35% (6)7% (1)22% (7)Vote
  • Other
    12% (2)20% (3)16% (5)Vote
  • See results
    5% (1)39% (6)22% (7)Vote
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  • If you had a harem of male slaves, what would you do with them?
    F. Other

    Set them free.

    Any labor without pay would likely be illegal and I'm not risking prison time. Plus I imagine the dudes are from my country, America, so they probably have no to little workable use for me besides physical strength. The average male is generally doing a typical day job and guys generally to me don't seem to have much worthwhile skills, knowledge, or hobbies. The most likely outcome would probably me trying to find how a guy who plays videogames will work for me in some way.

    Any sex with them would be rape to me. Plus the male body in my opinion is pretty much shitty for female pleasure/orgasm unless one is willing to do a bunch of workarounds. For me masturbation is much easier, faster, and enjoyable than the male body. Vibrators/dildos pwns dicks to me.

  • Set them all free?

    • That seems like a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to start a business.

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