Have you been let down recently?

I have. With someone I thought I had a lot in common with. Please share your experiences. It doesn't even have to be recent.


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  • My freind that I have a crush on has said that she would come to my last 3 group events and has flaked each time. She said that she will definitely try to make it to the one tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath.


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  • Yes. My dad's girlfriend whom I have never met and not even he has ever met in person, just through Facebook and Facebook messaging and calls, is going all the way from another country with her 9 year old daughter to live with me, my dad, and my brother in this tiny ass apartment that I call HOME. Not home anymore if there are strangers living with me. And I have to share my already cramped room with the daughter. My dad actually got fn bunk beds. >:/
    They are coming tomorrow and I feel so so so miserable. I thought my dad would have more common sense than this. :( I almost feel heartbroken. Didn't he know that I just honestly want him to myself?

    • yeah. blended family situations are tough and overwhelming. maybe it will turn out better than expected. but your dad not meeting this woman beforehand is not a smart move on his part. there is a difference between online chemistry and in-person chemistry. it is tough having a parent let you down.


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