What should I do for my birthday?

I turn nineteen in two weeks. I always thought that 19 would be my special year, my best year. And now I can't even think of anything to do. I only have my best friend and she has friends who I sometimes talk to but I am not close to anybody like that. It would be kind of pathetic to have a bday party with just me and her. And idek what else to do I just have no clue. Some ideas?


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  • Since it's October, you could consider going to a haunted house. But I suppose that gets old. Or you could try a (haunted) hayride. I guess it depends on where you live.

    • That does sound fun. I could get with that.

    • Thanks very much for MHGO. By the way did you have a good time?

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  • Throw a Halloween/birthday inspired party


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  • anything that comes to mind where you think you will have a good time. it can even be a really relaxing birthday spent with comfort food and a movie or something.

    • I relaxed last year though. I wanna try something new.

    • alright then you're gonna have to go at least 80% here. think of something you really want to do but somewhat lack the motivation to do so, and then really try going for that. like skydiving or something.

  • 5 guy gang bang.


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