Girls, could you be attracted to this guy?

If the guy makes lots of personal jokes about others to their face eg on appearance, persona etc but most likely doesn't mean to hurt them, what would you think of him? If for example he made a joke about what another guy was wearing or he tells another guy he is chunky as a joke or he makes a joke that a girl is on her own?


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  • I don't know I don't like those tbh

    Unless he is super super close with the friend, and even then I wouldn't like it if that's all he jokes about. It would get annoying and boring

    • The jokes about weight are only to his close friends, to less close friends / acquaintances it is the other types of comments listed above. He doesn't do it all the time. So I don't know... is he mean?

    • he is not mean but it is just a turn off to joke like that

  • I can't be cool with it, that's rude.