Humans and their reactions to life events?

Why do you think people easily Fall into depression? And dont you think that many simply convince themselves and go on about how depressed they are because they want to be pitied and be at the centre of attention? Id like to underline that i am a very joyful person that is always happy and i always find something to smile and laugh about because i love life and living no matter what difficulties may arise...😊id like to hear everyones opinion...


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  • some yes
    and some no
    the issue isn't life
    it's there belief

    now as being happy all the time
    I don't believe you lol it's a joke


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    Educate yourself. Depression isn't simply a reaction to life events or something you just fall into like normal everyday sadness.

    Yes, I believe there are some people out there who fake it. But that's not because depression itself is illegitimate, but instead because it is a very serious condition that demands attention. Some do fake it and for many reasons. But nonetheless, with 350 million sufferers worldwide, it's definitely no joke. Depression can't be chalked up to people are just too sensitive or just want attention. It's something that should be seriously evaluated and treated.

  • Even people who are very happy on a daily basis can go in deep depression suddenly if there are adequate triggers that can cause it. So being happy is not a guarantee that you will not suffer from depression.

  • its cause people look ugly and they get into that. For example If I was like you...
    with the same face I would have gotten into that.


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  • You don't just fall into depression. Many people mistake depression for sadness or feeling down. Sadness is nothing compared to depression. Depression is such a horrible feeling and I wish I could describe it but I can't because that's just how it is. It's inexplicable. But here's my imagery. I imagine myself floating above water in the sea in the middle of nowhere. I can't see land for miles. And no matter how far I swim, no matter how hard I try to stay afloat, I can feel deep inside that this is a trip that will may never end. That's how depression feels for me.
    And luckily some people do get out of depression. But some don't and that's just horrible.
    But enough with my poetic shit XD.
    P. S. yes some do it for attention.