Why are people in cities shorter than people in rural areas?

I come from a small, rural town, and everyone there was really tall (it was rare for someone to be under 5'8 - even girls). Yet I am 5'6, so I always felt very short growing up.

However, anytime I go to an urban area such as St. Louis, everybody is closer to my height. I don't feel short anymore, and I was pleased to find that most girls were actually shorter than me (unlike back home).

Why is this? Why are people shorter in urban areas? Does anybody have an idea?


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  • That's not really true tbh. People in cities are usually the taller ones, even if only slightly taller. Also countries that are overall wealthier and people from families that have enjoyed an overall wealthier lifestyle for quite a number of generations tend to be taller. Usually it's just availability to nutrition & healthcare that influences height besides genetics.


What Guys Said 2

  • Do you watch basketball? How many of those guys look like farmers to you?

    • Basketball players are FAR outliers. I'm not saying that everyone in cities are short, I am just saying that according to my findings, they are on average shorter than people in rural areas.

  • Farm kids work and are in generally stronger and in better shape plus they eat more better food

    • That's what I was thinking. Most people from the city eat takeout and fast food constantly...