How do I tell their parents they were being difficult with me?

Okay basically the kids I babysit for are 3 and 5. They are extremely difficult to put up with. they take their clothes off and refuse to put them back on. Both of them had accidents, which is fine, however the 3 year old tried to put the 5 year olds piss in my hair and was rolling in it. He then proceeded to hand me his shit filled underwear. Also he kept hitting me while i was changing his diaper and grabbed toilet paper out of the garbage. I obviously don't have kids but I have a feeling they aren't supposed to be THAT out of control... How do i tell their parents how they were acting? If you were the parent, how would you react? When i texted her to let her know that they both had accidents she made it seem normal and just said throw the underwear in the trash.


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  • Well, it seems that the parents of these children don't know how to "parent" at all, it looks like they need to up the potty training skills and step up as the parents. Those kiddos should have be trained by 3. honestly, I would tell the mother that I quit and go find another pair of kids to sit.

  • You say it for what it is. They need to discipline their kids more. Just remember they are pretty young, so you can't expect much respect.