How is everyone doing?

I'm so sorry for not being on recently! I was very busy.

Just to catch up:

Everything is fine.
I was working a lot.
School is killing me but thats the norm.
I quit work cause it was incredibly stressful and exhausting (EVERY day I had off they tried calling me in)
But I'm passing all my classes and I've got the sweetest, cutest boyfriend whom makes me incredibly happy. (His name is Kalvin, he has a job, an impala- similiar to but not exact to the SPN one, and goes to college classes once a week. He's 19 so it isn't too bad of a gap) he's a huge animal lover like me and likes memes too.

Life for me has gotten a lot better and im stressed but happy.

How's life for all of you?

How is everyone doing?
(Thats him)


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  • Glad you're well. I feel your stress over work I just got a second job so I'm always on the go or sleeping. Very little leeway for Gag but I try, who needs sleep right.


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  • Ooh he's cute! Nice catch!

    Well, I'm... I'm ok.

    I'm having some good days and some bad days, I had a really bad night last night and as a result have some pretty deep scratch marks on my stomach. I really scared myself though, and the marks are the worst I've ever had, so I'm determined that this is going to be the last time, ever. School is really stressing me out which is bad.

    In the good news department, I had a music festival today that I got first Viola chair in, so that was cool, and I just got promoted to Assistant Coach at the place where I work. Doesn't seem like a big deal, cause I already basically did that and I don't get paid, but it makes me feel more permanent and like my coach wants to keep me around. He's fucking great - some kid chased me around yesterday with a spider and he went and brought me dinner because I was really upset - but I'm afraid I'll lose him, so this is good for me.

    • Oh thats awesome. And I'm sorry you were so upset :( you can talk to me if you need to ok? โค

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    • Good, I hope you do. Your boyfriend and I are both people who you can talk to when it comes to that (he better not be a bitch about it).
      And I think we're adorable lol

    • He's pretty good at listening to me and not complaining, thank god


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  • Who, his eyes are piercing! Really, they're a gorgeous color.

    First things first, welcome back. Good to see all is well with you and your life. Not sure if you're interested in hearing about me but school is fine, but not getting many hours at work. Might need to start looking for a new job, but other than that all is well.

  • Busy as Always on Gag, but Happy you are Managing to Keep it Together Here, dear.
    Good luck and Enjoy the Rest of your Hay Day. xx

  • Your boyfriend is too pretty like a girl... ๐Ÿ˜… Lol

    I'm good, just frustrated ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ†

  • awee I ve missed ya!
    I am glad you re doing fine bella :)
    I am aok as well
    stay happy ^^

  • My life is okay... kinda messy but okay.

  • It's meh.

  • welcome back girl! :)

    I'm happy for you!!