Anyone else not bother with Xmas?

im not religious and i dont hate Christmas, but for the last 10 years or so my family hasn't really bothered with it. we dont do gifts and we dont decorate the house... no Christmas songs, no wrapping paper, no Christmas cards... nothing.

The only thing we do is visit my nan. However me, my brothers, and my mum see her twice a week for dinner anyway. last year we had a fry up for dinner :p

I just dont see the point of it. its a religious holiday, but i wonder what % of people who celebrate it are actually religious?

people think im weird for not celebrating Christmas. are there others like myself out there?


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  • My husband didn't until he met me and my family. My friends don't but they lost a loved one on Christmas.


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  • But... it's such a nice time! So cozy and shit!

    I don't know anyone who doesn't celebrate it. Even the ~10 agnostic/atheist friends I have celebrate it. Almost all my friends are some sort of Christian or Catholic though.


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  • Love it... me/my family, we do everything including midnight mass at the cathedral

  • Nope. I celebrate Christmas as a Christian & each year is special

  • you're not the only one
    I don't celebrate Christmas either, I don't celebrate anything at all not even my bday lol but I do go to other people's bday party -for the free drinks, food and socialising-

    • haha, im glad im not the only one. is there a reason you dont celebrate xmas?

    • yea, I don't believe in god nor santa haha
      alsos bc of a shitty childhood now all those special dates feel wrong lol

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