My enemies around the nieghborhood?

Tell me people i've have haters in my apartment neighborhood. Certain people i chose not to fuck with them. They know i don't like them at all. My eyes dont lie. Ok tell me why is it that these mofos know i dont like them but they want to be friends with me yet i dont fuck with them at all. When i do overtime, is like im famous around the neighborhood? There's some undercover women that want to hookup but i got a women really? Whats wrong with picture.


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  • you can't put off fire by adding more fire. Overcome hate with love that is the antidote.

  • Someone your age shouldn't have "haters". That's a high school term and problem. Sounds like you need to gdt out of there. The people you described seem like they have no jobs (probsbly governament aid) and love drama.