Suicide hotline FAIL?

So just tried to use a suicide help line and well they said shit and hung up on me half way through me explaining my problems... anyone else have this happen?


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  • That sounds like a terrible experence. Most of the time the people answering calls are volunteers, often with little training. Though that is definitely not any excuse for responding to you like that.
    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1–800–273–8255) routs the caller to a local call center. Generally they have a very good track record.

    What agency did you call (so I can keep my clients a way from it).

  • If I was succidal the last people I'd contact is strangers over the phone. I've heard too many bad experiences about those." Hotlines" "They aren't usually trained professionals on the other end. So they aren't qualified to help you. Only support from those who care about you and a qualified reputable Therapist can help you

    • Sadly i have noone who actually gives a shit lol.. sorry after my failed attempt today i went and got drunk as fuck hahaha... but on the plus side i did get laid so win right? by the way not sure why id did #anon but this is the classic #asshat haha

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