What is true happiness?


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  • when you feel like nothing can stop you from smiling


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  • True happiness can be found when you stop worrying about what could be, and start being greatfull for what is. We should be in between these stages because we should always try to get better and never stay the same. This is what keeps us moving forward. That fear of failure. And it's also a good thing. In a way.

    • I wanted to add if we didn't have this fear to better ourselfs, we would collapse as a civilization.


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  • I heard a couple they just married without anything in the house.
    They sex all time to pass the hard time.
    I think that is moment of true happiness
    that can take you to pass hard time.
    If you dont have the mood I guess you will quarrel all time
    can not find that is moment of true happiness.